Dear Jimat Hosting Clients,

 4 years ago, when we launched Jimat Hosting, we always asked ourselves, what can we offer to make life easier for our clients? Can we do it? How hard will it be? Since then, we have embarked on our journey to find that answer by providing the best environment for our customers step by step.

 Often, we are asked, "Bang, xde vps atau server ke? (You guys don't offer VPS or Server?)". Our reply would always be, "We are sorry, we are not in a position to offer something at that scale affordably to our customers yet". Notice the difference? Yes, even now, we strive our hardest to offer the best without sacrificing our vision, Good Service with Affordable price".

 So why now? Because we are now proud to offer our customers, that we are officially launching our Fully Managed Dedicated Server services officially today, that is affordable.

 What's so special about this? Usually, as a company, you will have to hire a webmaster or IT technician to handle your websites, email, storage, data backups, databases and many more on top of your hardware purchases. And the cost is not cheap. With our Dedicated Server Products, all those will no longer be needed as we have our own IT technician to handle this for you at a fraction of the cost.

Check out our Dedicated Server Page at for all our Dedicated Server Plan that meet your needs.

We would like to extend our gratitude to our existing customers for continuously supporting us, be it in the past, present or in the future to come.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

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