4 years ago, Jimat Hosting embarks on a journey to give our customer the best hosting combined with the cheapest plan this industry has to offer. We started small with the customer-centric way of business.
We have grown now, but our price has always been the same since the time we starts out. Alas, good thing never last, as our control panel provider, cPanel decided to increase the price of their software up to 3000%, which is a shock to the whole hosting industry.  cPanel was recently acquired by Oakley Partners, and has announced a new pricing structure that takes effect on September 1, 2019. 

After discussion, we know that it is not possible for us to maintain the current pricing, but yet we cannot betray our vision which we have carried on for 4 years and will do so in the future, being the best place for you host your website while being the cheapest plan around.

Therefore we have introduced a new control panel system which is on par with cPanel with better security and familiarity with cPanel. We have since launch this last week and will formally announce this plan later while we tweak more things. This being said, we manage to maintain our pricing at RM30 with this new plan.

As for our user who is already using cPanel and plan to do so, we have revised our plan as stated in our website. You will only be charged this new pricing upon your next renewal (example: if you buy for a 5 years plan, you will only renew using the new pricing after 5 years plan has ended). This is our commitment to our loyal customer previously.

If you did not plan to use cPanel and still wanted to use our RM30 plan, we will transfer it to our new and better Direct Admin Control Panel upon renewal and your website will continue running normally. As the interface is similar to cPanel, you'll get used to it right away without much difficulties.

Lastly, we would like to say thank you for those who have been supporting us so far in our journey. We have an exciting new affiliate system that we think is the best in the industry we would like to announce, so stay tuned with us

Thursday, September 26, 2019

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